Old traditional romanian house.

The secluded village of Zalipie in southeastern Poland is home to a charming tradition. Over a century ago the women of the village began to paint their houses. Every house is painted with flowers.

Romanian costume in Queen's book - The magical doll of Romania

Illustration from "The magic doll of Roumania" written by Queen Maria - Maud and Miska Petersham


Timbre: New Year practices (Roumanie) (New Year) Mi:RO

cuillères en bois

In the Northlands people will give a carved spoon in thanks for hospitality. [romanian hand carved bird and fish wooden servers.


Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957) / Richard Serra (1939) § simplicité volontaire

Constantin Brancusi - The Romanian Genius Artist considered to be The Most Important Sculptor of the Century. Short Video documentary with the artist!

Sing Ciuleandra - Keep Calm Poster.

Sing Ciuleandra - Keep Calm Poster.