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Hmmmmm....gotta luv it deep down!

“ People don’t play sports because it’s fun. Ask any athlete, most of them hate it, but they couldn’t imagine their life with out it. Its part of them, the love/hate relationship. It’s what they live.

12-Week Marathon Training Plan | asicsamerica.com

Running products are at the core of ASICS® sound mind sound body philosophy. Find the perfect running shoes for any terrain here.

Tips for Running Your First Marathon from a panel of expert Boston Marathoners

40 tips for running your first marathon from a group elite Boston Marathon runners to a first-timer that made all the difference!

Solid advice - I love this. ♡

All except 3 & Better than "Learn from the mistakes of others." Better than "There is no 'We'. you (individually) have NOTHING to do with their success or failure" Solid advice - I love this. (Hate the typos, though.

How to build up running endurance

Run training for to to half marathon miles). I just wish it had one more increment of between and the half plans. I also like the plans that are running only and if I add the strength or cross training that& even better, but I d

The Best Schedules for Productivity (No Matter What Time You Wake Up)

scheduling infographic for early birds and night owls. This makes so much sense to me because I'm definitely a night owl! - Learn how I made it to in one months with e-commerce!