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World War 1 fighter planes. It's interesting that the American plane has a swastika symbol on the side.Of course, this is before the symbol lived in infamy.<<The swastika is actually a The symbol of the infantry was a swastika until 1939

Comparison chart of starships for Star Trek, Pre-federation eras. Via

Sci-Fi Space Ships Charts Millenium Falcon Klingon Empire Raptor Class SS Kobayashi Maru USS Enterprise Romulan Star Empire Shuttle Excelsior Class Vulcan High Command Sh’ran Borg Collective …

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‘The British Beehive’ - an illustration from 1840 by George Cruikshank showing the different ranks and components of Victorian society. Apply this to Hugo's frequent use of insect metaphors.

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Warship diagram orig - Aubrey–Maturin series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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aw-vw-hi_res (could've gone onto the "carnography" board, but it's more of a sexy infographic than transport sexy-lensed.