'White Wood Village' by Eric Cremers

LiekEric - White wood village This reminds me of how the elf homes are described.

The Demented Dollhouses of Marc Giai-Miniet

The Demented Dollhouses of Marc Giai-Miniet

The strange and ominous shadowbox diorama dollhouses of french artist Marc Giai-Miniet.

Designer | Curator | Brother - Center for Architecture, Design & Education...

Winning proposal for Chidesign Competition:This project is a forum, agora, amphitheater; a vertical city inside of the city with a unique concentration of knowledge and opportunity. The design is aimed to provide openness, interconnection and maximiz…


Coloured pencils have been utilised here as a device for rendering. The colour not only developed the perspective of the sketch, but establishes context and mode through colour and tone. The technique used here is light shading and blending.

Upstairs, Downstairs - The house 2

This house has one floor more than 50 Berkeley Square in The Devil in Beauty, but it is basically the same as most of the homes I write about in the book.

project section - Weekend House - Sengataki - onishimaki + hyakudayuki

JA+U : Weekend House in Sengataki by o+h

Torres bicentenario. Arquine LOKOMOTIV.archs office LKMV Xavier Calderon Architektur ©

Arquine The classic model of skyscrapers provides its inhabitants with a space sandwiched between a core, mostly in concrete, takes care of most vertical lateral efforts. Yet wet employ enormous effort to mediate between the outside a

amazing palladio

visicert: “ Thomas U. Walter “Section through Dome of U. Capitol,” 1859 Ink and water color on paper Bequeathed to the Library of Congress by Ida Walter, 1915 ”

Βυζαντινό πάθος http://leipsanothiki.blogspot.be/

almaisan: “Antoine Helbert Reconstruction, plans, elevations and sections of Byzantine monuments; Constantinople, to century.

wildoute:  Borthwick CastleElevations & Sectionsfrom drawings by John Watson

wildoute: “Borthwick Castle “Elevations & Sections from drawings by John Watson ” ”