to the man who can tie a Trinity knot perfectly: marry me, please.

How to tie a necktie…

18 Ways to tie a necktie, various neck tie knots with a detailed infographic diagram explaining each knot.

An organized toy closet where everything is in plain sight.

Reign in Your Kids' Toys with These Simple Storage Ideas!


14 ways to tie shoelaces. I'm going to have to invest in some serious shoes so I can try all these ways to tie shoe laces.

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Cum Trece Timpul Cat de greu trece timpul in cursul saptamanii si cat de repede trece weekend-ul

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Also ich bin definitiv eine Mischung aus Realist und Relativist°^° xD Ihr so?

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Am atatea de facut incat ma pun sa dorm.

Am atatea de facut incat ma pun sa dorm.