This wolf is ready to play. A domesticated dog will pose the same stance as this wolf when wanting to play

Wolves running in the snow.

Wolves coming to save their home and killing the enemies in the way.

Wolf Más

Wolf: hello i am snow your spirit guardian sent to guid you. your very kind snow we will be good friends.


I understand why some hunters are killing wolves (to protect their livestock) but I do hope they don't kill of all of them

Momma and baby wolf

* * " Yes, dis beez de forest, me pup. Full of dangerous things, but full of beauty az well.

Beautiful Black Panther

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Rain Stone Quarantine, Female alpha of Rising Storm, Broken Howl, Series of the Wolves

"Wolf is the Grand Teacher. Wolf is the sage, who after many winters upon the sacred path and seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share new knowledge with the tribe. Wolf is both the radical and the traditional in the same breath.