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How to Develop Situational Awareness | The Art of Manliness

Jason Bourne was a master of situational awareness, and you can be too. Here's how to develop it so you can be prepared no matter the situation.

How to tie a quick-release knot---this has a lot of quick release knots. I love the bank robber knot.

Watch rancher-woman demonstrate how to tie the quick-release "Bank Robber Knot," a safe and easy knot to tie your horse to a rail.

How To Tie A Highwayman's Hitch Knot - YouTube

Shows how to tie the bankrobbers knot, the Highwaymans hitch or the Getaway knot.

Knot Tying: The High Post Hitch - YouTube

EASY instructions on how to tie the high post hitch, useful in tying boats when the tide going out would put the knot out of reach.

Tutorial on Timber Hitch Tying

Timber hitch knot 'Sammy snake goes around the tree and thinks he sees another snake. He hugs her close and never wants to let her go so he wraps around himself, once, twice, three times a lady and pulls her tight!

Every shop needs these!

Over the years I've made a few different types of bar clamps and while they all worked I thought I could improve on them.