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four striped pillows sitting on top of a bed next to a brick wall in the background
Free Crochet & Knitting Patterns · 10,000+ Free Patterns
Crochet Pillow - free pattern
three pillows with faces and eyes on them
Almofadas Divertidas
Pinguinho de Arte: Almofadas Divertidas
a yellow pillow with an evil face on it
Simple Heroes - Minion Throw Pillow
a yellow and blue pillow sitting on top of a couch
Projek Dorcas
Minion pillow
three pillows with black cats on them sitting in front of a potted plant and window
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Lucky Black Cat Appliqued
a yellow and blue pillow with a black eye patch on the front, sitting against a wooden fence
a pillow made out of paper roses on a bed with a red blanket behind it
Rosette Pillow Cover
a baby sleeping in a green pillow with a frog on it's back and eyes
Making one of these for sure! This is a great idea! A pillow case remade...perfect for traveling and naps... Good idea for a baby shower:-)
the cover of 10 pillow making tips by the sewing loft
10 Tips for making pillows - The Sewing Loft
10 Tips for making pillows