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Please stay.Brenda please stop. I miss you, I love you. I wish you can please forgive me. I am sorry. I love u. Please forgive me.

I certainly have a stiff upper lip etc but not because there is too much to do but because no one cares how I feel

capricorns learned to swallow their tears, keep a stiff upper lip, and keep moving. they know too much to do and so little time.

For me, in order to truly forgive someone takes time but eventually I truly forgive someone.well that's just me. I believe in giving people second chances to redeem themselves as long as they learn from their mistakes.

i will fucking kill roger some day

This is true I'm a Capricorn and I NEVER defend myself but see if ANYONE offends either my fictional characters or wee brother I go nuts and they wish they were dead

Capricorns Can Shut Out The World If They Wanted.  #Capricorn #quote

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