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mistresstt-s: “Leather cooking ”

mistresstt-s: “Leather cooking ”

Saturn's always been my favorite. This illustration is a little off, but I will silence the nerdrage for now.

Tranquil The surface area of Saturn's moon Mimas is composed of water ice with only a small amount of rock. Yet Saturn's resonances with Mimas, and Mimas' resonances with other orbiting satellites are instrumental in the formation of Saturn's rings.

Love this space photo of the earth and moon. ;)   ♡

Earth and Moon From the eye of the camera in space we see the earth as a God Designed Space ship lighted by the Sun by Day and by the Reflected sun on the moons surface by night. It's awesome to think (Cool Places On Earth)

Black hole--Dream of where You would like to go--anywhere, right!

Looking through the physics book I came across the black hole. If you went through a black hole your body would be stretched, flattened, and eventually pulled apart. This is on page This has to deal with Chapter 7 Gravitation.