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Drought Infographic :: All about the recent U.S. drought and what to expect. Really handy for understanding the drought in California and the southwest. From Weather Underground wunderground.com

is under drought conditions? What are the various levels of drought and what do they mean? Is there a global drought problem? How does climate change play a role in the drought story? The drought.

How the system was set up—the aft car is set in the close-hauled position, with the low-friction rings used to keep the clew under tension when the sheet is eased—the same effect as moving the car forward

I’ve always been less than enthusiastic about changing my genoa sheet leads on different points of sail.

Les courants océaniques

Les relations entre la mer les océans et la terre

fronts-moving-air-masses-1.gif (417×276)

fronts-moving-air-masses-1.gif (417×276)