Fusion Frames

Fusion Frames

Fusion Frames [What about other ''rule-breaking'' shapes? Letters, breaking the wall so completely that it can't frame anything, sections of frame that go off on dead-ends, distortions partly alon (Cool Crafts To Make)

The 'Pyro Mini' is a battery powered flamethrower that mounts on your wrists…

I can finally me a fire bender lol. The 'Pyro Mini' is a battery powered flamethrower that mounts on your wrists. READ MORE at Yanko Design !

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Now That’s Art – 28 Pics <<almost like it represents that art is worth more than money

"RINGS" My little sketch turned into letterpress... |

growth is slow, but deeply rooted from the center like rings on a tree - Biblical nature tattoo


Powerful Hunting Tool Sniper Slingshot Folding Catapult Wrist Fishing Broadheads

DRAGON DREAMS by CaziTena on DeviantArt

this is another in my series of hand drawn dragons that i have done in the last month, hb pencil on single ply bristol about 11 x 17 or you can see the color version here

Falcon's collapsible gun. This is awesome please make this happen in real life.

Conceptual illustrator, Josh Nizzi ("Iron Man has update his website with some fantastic designs for Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Hit the jump to see concept art of Falcon/Sam Wilson and the Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes.