Mihaela Stăncioiu

Mihaela Stăncioiu

Adevarata personalitate a unui individ este redata de felul in care trateaza o persoana care nu-i poate oferi nimic in schimb.
Mihaela Stăncioiu
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Half-breeds born from the Tribe of Shadows and the Remnant are pictured as having silver eyes and ash-grey skin and hair. The only thing missing is two black horns forming a coronet around the forehead cumulating in a horn at the center of the forehead.

A silver elf. Often grouped with fair elves. Medium to fair skin with a cool undertone; silver hair with a blue, green or purple tint. Light blue, light green, indigo or dark hazel eyes. Sometimes thicker and stronger than other types. (A young Quasar)

A mixed-media commission for the lovely Janine (www.de), featuring her and her husband’s characters Llowthlógwynn and Imwén. I loved painting all the raven feathers and .

Gorgeous and Angelic Digital Art by Anna Dittmann

Fantastic Digital Painting By Anna Dittmann! Anna Dittmann is a year illustrator. She grew up in San Francisco and moved to Georgia to study at the Savannah College of Art and Design.