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an image of some purple and pink cells
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an image of some pink balls in the air with water droplets on them and one is purple
McLeod phenotype = Kell negative. A/w acanthocytes and CGD because these are X-linked (XK gene for Kell, close to the CGD gene). Presents in middle age with progressive course!
an image of some type of purple substance
Neoplastic plasma cells mimic mature neutrophils in plasma cell myeloma A 48-year-old man with a history of diabetes was found to have an elevated serum immunoglobulin G (IgG) level (8.6 g/dL) during a routine blood workup. Further laboratory study and bone marrow biopsy confirmed IgG-κ type plasma cell myeloma. The patient underwent therapy with bortezomib, carfilzomib, and dexamethasone. One year later, he was referred to our hospital for evaluation of stem cell transplant. On smears, cells ar
an image of two cells in the same cell
The Morphology of Human Blood Cells
Morphology, click for larger image
an image of some type of animal cell
The Morphology of Human Blood Cells
Morphology, click for larger image
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an animal cell with purple dots on it's side and the words pegett - hutt ananoly
pelger huet
Image result for pelger huet
an image of some cells in the body with labels on them and labeled as polychromasia, hemopyrtic blood picture
spherocytes and polychromasia
spherocytes and polychromasia - Google Search
an animal's cell is shown with blue and purple dots on it, as well as other cells
Platelet Satellitism
Platelet satellitism was first reported in the early 1960's. It is a rare condition that occurs when an IgG antibody forms in the presence o...
an animal cell is shown with purple cells in it's stomach and under the microscope
Adult T cell lymphoma/leukemia is HTLV-1 associated, is usually CD4 pos/CD8 neg, is widespread at presentation, has hypercalcemia with or without bony lytic lesions.
an animal's cell is shown with purple and white dots on the top of it
Alder anomaly is an autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disorder that produces distinctive, increased azurophilic granulation in the cytoplasm of all leukocytes and macrophages, especially in the bone marrow. The azurophilic granules stain red/purple and can resemble toxic granulation. The granules are composed of acid mucopolysaccharides. Alder inclusions can be observed on blood smears from patients with Hurler syndrome, Hunter syndrome, and Sanfilipo syndrome.
an image of different types of cells in the human body, including one with purple and white
Global, evolving, and historic make-up of malaria species uncovered
A team of scientists has uncovered the global, evolving, and historic make-up…