Happy Christmas trees, without you the earth would be an impossible place to live on. You make my earth a very special place to be!

Lagoa Azul, Islândia

Amazing Places to Travel/ Visit-The Nordic island of Iceland has become an incredibly popular place to travel in recent years. If you haven't gotten a chance to visit the country's spectacular nature, now is the time.

Tenenungan waterfall, Bali (near Ubud)

In Bali you should definitely check out some of the beautiful waterfalls - Tenenungan waterfall, Bali (near Ubud)

New Zealand

New Zealand Travel Cheat Sheet Ahhh hokey pokey ice cream! ❤️ almost forgot about that! 😋😋 can’t wait to go back!

#Handdrawn Map of India. Inspiration for my Skillshare Map Design class.

Wanderlust : Hand drawn map : Map of India. Inspiration for my Skillshare Map Design class.

Guide to #travel in #india know where to go and what to eat

▷ Volunteer in India

Done! ✔️. Even more beautiful in person! Taj Mahal, India. Please follow the globe with me at: FOLLOWING APRIL Board: WANDERLUST GOLD

reals: Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, Agra, India by Jitendra Singh : Indian Travel Photographer, via design office de casas design

Bagan, Myanmar. I sailed up the Irawaddy River ©2002 to Bagan. One of the most magical places in my travels.

Bagan is one of the most popular ancient cities in Myanmar. You can learn about the living style of ancient Myanmar People and the ancient kingdom of Myanmar. Moreover, Bagan is the initiative place of Buddhism in Myanmar.