romanian men in traditional clothings

romanian men guy traditional clothings romanians traditions guy

Romanian costume  Sheepskin jacket (bondiţa) , Valea Bistriţei, Neamţ (Moldavia)

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Costume and Embroidery of Neamț County, Moldavia, Romania

SanzieneLaCorbi,Pure Romania, Sanziene, Traditional, Traditii, IA, LA Blouse Roumaine, Corbi, Arges (6)

Sanziene La Corbi 2015

Romania, Sanziene - traditional festival in the fairies' honor (midsummer)

ie din Moeciu de Sus, Romania

Traditional/Folk Romanian hand embroidered bouse "IE" by IIA Calatoare (FB)

romanian_girl_2014_by_simonamoon-d7uw3t5.jpg (900×1350)

Discover this look wearing Handmade Blouses, Handmade Belts - The Romanian Blouse by SimonaMoon styled for Vintage, Everyday in the Spring