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Tears are prayers too.

So true! It's so nice to know that when in prayer all you can do is cry, the Lord knows the words every tear holds and when you feel you've said nothing, you've actually said more than mouth full of words could ever say! God is good!

spiritualinspiration: After Jesus was born, the Bible tells us that Wise Men came from the East to bow before Him and worship Him. They went to great lengths just to get a glimpse of the child and traveled a long distance for many months, following the star. When they saw Him, they were so overwhelmed. The scripture says they fell on their faces to honor and worship Him. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. That means that we should have a reverential honor and respect for Him…

When you do seek GOD with your whole heart, you will find HIM! And when you seek GOD with all of your heart.you will also find that HIS mercy and grace are greater than you could have ever imagined!

Gorgeous white lace flowy dress fashion

A bird of paradise indie wedding inspiration shoot by Lara Hotz Photography for Hitched Magazine filled with gorgeous wedding dresses and tropical flowers.