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Colorful Abstract Art Series "Urban Poetry I & II" by Erin Ashley. These incredible matching abstract pieces brighten up the living room. Abstract artwork works great to offset rooms with existing modern or traditional elements, and to add a visually stimulating focus to the room via @greatbigcanvas at GreatBIGCanvas.com.

Love the artwork. I have a really dark and neutral colored living room, so I think these could be the answer to my woes of lightening the room up a little!

live the life waiting for you

Letting go of refrigerated milk. Letting go of my car. Letting go of my job. Letting go of a king-sized bed. Letting go of winter. Letting go of my favorite…

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Feed Roses to make them Super Happy! BONE MEAL: A great way to help promote healthy blooms. FISH OR KELP liquid fertilizer: Fish is a great source of nitrogen and kelp liquid helps to add trace minerals. EPSOM SALT: Promotes the activity o