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EIGHT BUDDHIST PROTECTORS OF THE ZODIAC. Who is your Zodiac Guardian Deity? Buddhist guardian deity based on year of birth.<br/> <br/> Goddess of mercy. Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Rat.<br/> <br/> He was also called Senju Sengan(one thousand arms and eyes) or Senhiki Sengan(one thousand arms and eyes).<br/> He expresses immeasurable and unchangeable absolute modest virtue as the main image of Kannon Bosatsu with one thousand arms and eyes.<br/> He has the vast and…

Kuan Yin the protector of the Universe.

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Fantasy art posters - Anne Stokes posters: Fantasy art poster by Anne Stokes. This Anne Stokes posterfeatures a beautiul dark haired angel praying and is called Prayer For The Fallen. Anne Stokes is an artist famous for her gothic and fantasy art work.