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some different types of hair and how to use it in this drawing style guide for beginners
Brush Settings and Tutorial by EndlessRz on DeviantArt
the color picker in photoshopped to be used for an image or text
an anime character is shown with the text in english and japanese characters are also added
an image of a computer screen with some blue feathers on it
Pincéis para Paint Tool SAI: um guia com tudo o que você precisa saber
Clip Studio Paint Brushes, Paint Brush Art, Brush Drawing
the eyeliner tool is shown in this screenshote screen shot, and shows how to
an image of a computer screen with the text shading and highlights brush options highlighted
my paint tool sai 2 pen settings masterpost
the color picker screen is open to see what's in it and how to use it
#10 Paint Tool Sai Brush - Marker2 Brush by CatBrushes on DeviantArt