Mai multe idei de la Anamihaela
Yoga workout For Belly, Butt, Thigh
HOW TO GET STRONGER These yoga poses will help you get in shape and get stronger. Yoga's really easy and relaxing, try it!
20-Minute Power Yoga Workout - this fun yoga sequence is perfect for all fitness levels. It will tone and strengthen your bod while improving balance and flexibility. No equipment needed. Get the full workout with descriptions and modifications at
Half moon pose left - Ardha Chandrasana left - Yoga Poses |
Secuencia de yoga para la espalda
Need a midday energy boost? Set aside 10 minutes of your time to relax with these easy yoga moves.
Did you know that yoga can also land you a strong core and enviable abs? We’ve pulled four of the best core strength yoga poses and put them into a workout routine you can do anytime and anywhere in just 6 minutes!
#KAKASANA Crow pose
Pigeon pose with one-hand left leg grab - Ekohastapada Kapotasana left - Yoga Poses |