Back alley in Sibiu Old-Town, Romania

Archway, Sighisoara, Mures County, Romania From: Medieval Love, please visit

Cetățuia Negru Vodă, chilia unui sihastru în Argeș

Cetatuia Negru Voda, chilia unui sihastru in Arges

Banffy Castle, Cluj Napoca, Romania

Banffy Castle is located in Bontida Village, built in baroc style in XIV century from a donation of King Sigismund of Luxenbourg to Banffy family.

Cetatea Medievală Enisala - Judeţul Tulcea

My wonderful country :) I'm proud to be Romanian and I think a lot of peolpe don't know my country.or they know wrong things.:) I hope you'll like my vid.

Cetatea Alba Iulia

Cetatea Alba Iulia: formerly Bessarabia where my ancestors are from?