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[WOTM, 03/2016] Churn Your Core Like Butter With The Six-Pack Tsunami Ab Workout — Lean It UP Fitness

Set your ABS up in a blaze of glory and churn out a flat, gorgeous core with March's WOTM: The Six-Pack Tsunami Ab Workout.

Lose your pooch with the 5 best exercises for your lower abs

Lower ab exercises for women that will make your favorite pair of skinny jeans fit like a dream! 5 exercise flat tummy workout with video and instructions. View the lower ab exercises for women routine here.

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Work on your abs and obliques with these core exercises for women. A 30 minute waist cinching workout to activate your obliques and define your waistline! I miss my waist. Think the baby will let me work out once he's born?

These 5 Moves to Lose Lower Belly Bulge target key abdominal muscles to maximize belly-burn and yield real results. By performing these exercises 3 times a week, youll be on the road to a bulge-less bod and bust out those crop tops in no time!

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Teal hair is very brave indeed. But if you are this gorgeous ...

I always try to recreate beachy waves.unfortunately my hair never quite turns out like this - it ends up more of a sexy bed head minus the sexy, photography, portrait, woman, black and white

24 Tattooed Seniors Answer The Question: "What Will It Look Like In 40 Years?"

Forever 18 tattoo on old wrinkled lady, super cute actually, she is young in her heart :) I could see my grama having this lol in case you're wondering what your tattoos will look like when you're old and saggy.