Cheile Turzii - Romania

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sinaia, transylvania

Snow Castle in Sinaia, Transilvania. Oh yeah I'm pinning to Dream Home'd be a dream to live there!

Castello di Hunyad, Transilvania-Erdély

Corvin Castle, also known as Hunyad Castle or Hunedoara Castle is a Gothic-Renaissance castle in Hunedoara, in the region of Transylvania, Romania

Castillo Corvin, Transilvania

The Secrets of Bran Castle, Dracula& Castle. Bran Castle has a history spanning more than 6 centuries, but everyone knows it as Dracula& Castle.

Transilvania, castello di Dracula

Transilvania, castello di Dracula, Rumania My family and I walked all the way up to the top of the mountain, such a beautiful view.

Transfagarasan Road, Romania’s highest asphalt road, winding over the Fagaras Mountains, connecting Transilvania to Wallachia.

world's most spectacular roads - Transfagarasan, Romania

Beauty and old Romania

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Beauty and old Romania

Uncategorized photo by dumitru doru

"Old Women"- Mt.Bucegi

Babele-"Old Women"- Mt.