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Elrond presenting Anduril to Aragorn xD

Post with 6698 votes and 331258 views. Top 25 LOTR memes (in no particular order)

One of the more epic builds I have seen. LOTR- Barad-dûr [tall as the guy who built it..]

LEGO Barad-dûr tower, now with no background effects, just its LEGO awesomeness!

Lord of the Rings | These 15 Lego Movie Builds Will Blow Your Mind.

tower of Barad-Dur (The eye of Sauron)- made of LEGOS! [ Mueller- Sean needs a board for me to pin stuff like this on, lol!

My Idea of Lego Heaven.

LOTR Battle Of Helms Deep Recreated with LEGO Bricks - this is two of my favorite things combined to make something beyond awesome!