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Cyril Rolando's digital paintings ((Face as a land, very creative, id like to learn to morph faces as a background))

Between Surreal and Fantasy by Cyril Rolando, digital painting. This was selected for the blend of landscape and figure. I wish that the eye had been mixed into the hill as effectively as the rest as it doesn't conform to the apparent theme.

I need to remember this! I am so stressed over bullshit sometimes.

Harvey Spectar says it right!

"Characterize people by their actions and you will never be fooled by their words."

actions speak louder than words actions speak volumes

I love my black and white keys, but this looks pretty amazing too! Cool idea for a decorative piano. Don't think I'd want to play painted keys.

A well traveled woman : Photo

black and white photography

man walking in light snow on city street

Conceptual and Fine Art Portrait Photography by Nicolas Bruno #inspiration #photography

Nicolas Bruno is a talented photographer and artist, who uses his terrifying nightmares as inspiration for his photos. #ValoralaVerdad #CreatividadsinLimites #PlateiaColombia #foto #pic #arte #art #artist #artista Photography | Fotografía

shadow piano Great use of shadows and light!

John (Guardian)

Picture Prompts: Siblings were born. One was fire, the other smoke. You see, the smoke child was a smoldered flame that needs a little help seeing the light.

More Stunning Photography Inspiration | From up North

It seems to be on a whim, but Jared pulls out a lighter. He holds a Lunar Government flag in front of him. He strikes the lighter and a bright flame blossoms from it. He holds the flame to the flag. It crumbles to black dust in his hand.