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a hand holding a white beaded ring with a bow on it's end
Mini wieniec świąteczny - Brzostula
a white cat ornament with red bows and hearts hanging from it's side
a small christmas ornament hanging from a rope with a red bauble in the center
Mini macrame wreath Christmas ornament🎄 Tutorial by #macramewithaya TikTok / Pinterest / Twitter @macramewithaya More video👉YouTube… | Instagram
wreaths and ornaments are hanging on the wall
a wooden plate topped with snowflakes and wreaths on top of a table
a star made out of rope with bells attached to it
Christmas Bell Door Hanger, Christmas Macrame Star, Christmas Macrame Wreath, Bell Charm, Front Door Wreath - Etsy
two crocheted wreaths hanging from strings next to pine cones and fir branches