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The bucium (trâmbiţă or tulnic) is a type of alphorn used by mountain dwellers in Romania. Of Dacian origin, it was used in the principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia as signaling devices in military conflicts. The tube is made from limetree bark, wood, or (partially) from metal. It is used by shepherds for signaling and communication in the forested mountains, as well as for guiding sheep and dogs. Trâmbiţa produces sounds altogether different from those of the alphorn. #romania #folk

The bucium Is A Type Of Alphorn Of Dacian Origin Used By Mountain Dwellers In Romania.

Regina Maria la 18 ani imbracata in port popular romanesc

regina Maria purtand ie - Queen Marie of Romania wearing a traditional blouse


Folk Costume, Desks, Ukraine, Postcards, Tables, Bureaus, Office Desks, Working Tables, Greeting Card

Mos Ion Roata.

Mos Ion Roata.

Frontiera între Polonia și România - interbelica

Romanian-Poland border, between the 2 World Wars

Printesa Ileana (fica regelui Ferdinand si a reginei Maria ) in costum popular

Princess Ileana of Romania. Princess Ileana of Romania - the youngest daughter of King Ferdinand I of Romania, and his consort Queen Marie of Romania. She was a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria and of Czar Alexander II.


Romania Through The Lens - Kosei Miya

Romania Through The Lens – Kosei Miya