My Healthy Snacks

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there is a plate with some food on it
Morning with eggs
a white bowl filled with fruit and cereal
🍯 lover
an egg, tomato and avocado sandwich on a white plate with red peppers
Snack time 👩‍🦰
a glass jar filled with yogurt and cherries on top of a wooden table
Breakfast 2
Chia pudding, greek yogurt, granola,red currant
a white plate topped with salad and crackers
Salad time
salad mix, tuna in its own juice, fresh cottage cheese, red pepper,red currants, squeezed lemon, crspy wholegrain rye slices
a white bowl filled with cereal and kiwis on top of a wooden table
Greek yogurt, whole grains, kiwi, honey
two pieces of bread on a plate with lettuce and tuna spread over it
tuna olive oil, onion, pepper, apple, cream cheese, lemon juice
a bowl filled with raspberries sitting on top of a cement bench next to houses
Chia pudding with raspberry
a person holding a bowl of yogurt with strawberries and granola on top
Granola, yogurt, strawberry and honey 🍯
a white bowl filled with granola, yogurt and caramel on top of a table
Granola with yogurt&homemade peach jam