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Mihai Horodinca
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I'm short and i hit my head on everything. I feel sorry for mu BFF she's 6 ft tall --- I'm smol. It's nice knowing that tall people also have problems XD nah not really

Determination! (Frisk) I love the gender neutrality in this game. It's one of the reasons why I love it so much. I hope other games do this also in the future.

The gender neutrality of this game is just perfect. I think the reason Frisk has no gender is so the player/reader can relate to Frisk whether they are male or female. I picture Frisk as a girl, but that's also probably because I'm a girl.

Couple Posts💏 Relationship & lots of love💕 ask // couple // others // insta in my heart ♡.

Yes, you still are

"You weren't the first," a pitying smile touched her lips as she patted the man's cheek, "you won't be the last either.