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A Bunch of Mini Snowdrops by celina.neo

A Bunch of Mini Snowdrops

A Bunch of Mini Snowdrops by celina.neo on

Am primit în ultimele trei zile câteva sute de mesaje cu modele de mărțișoare, toate lucrate de mână, cred că aveți în fața ochilor cel mai mare cata

Catalog de mărțișoare handmade românești — Printesa Urbana – Blog cald de familie

Mi-aș dori ca fiecare om care și-a prezentat lucrările aici să primească de la voi măcar o comandă. Sunt mărțișoare frumoase, pictate, croșetate, lucrate, - cadou, martisor

martisoare cusute pe etamina motive nationale - Google Search

martisoare cusute pe etamina motive nationale - Google Search

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Bulgarian Traditions and Crafts - Martenitsa

Bulgarian Traditions and Crafts - Martenitsa

Martenitsa is one of the most distinctive pagan rituals in Bulgaria. It embodies many symbols - the welcoming of spring and the sun, the taming of nature by means of magic, propitiation of the unpredictable March. In the Bulgarian folklore, March is the women’s month – often due to the changing weather and reviving nature, which is getting prepared to bear its fruits in summer. People called the month Baba Marta (Grandmother March) and considered, that for it to be happy and smiling and to…

Martenitsa, red and white tasselled strings, traditionally tied around the wrist in Bulgaria on 1 March, Baba Marta (Grandmother March day) in Bulgaria; white symbolises snow/death and red, blood/life, and thus the martenitsa suggests the passing of winter and arrival of spring; martenitsa are traditionally worn until a stork, swallow, budding tree or another sign of spring is sighted.

Chestita Baba Marta!

The first of March has arrived. At work today many of our coworkers presented us with the traditional martenitsa, the red and white strings ...