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With a journal and pen in hand, anytime is a good time to write.

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a normal sleeping pattern. (Welcome to night shift!

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thievinggenius: Tattoo done by Alexander Grim.

Photographer Captures Modern Moms And Fights Against Outdated Stereotypes

Mother Redefines What It Means To 'Look Like A Mum' In Powerful Photo Series


Satan Presides at the Sabbat Attended by Demons in Human or Animal Shapes Giclee Print [by Bernard Zuber]

talisman with zodiac signs and david star reverse - Căutare Google

Specifics may not be available right away, but don’t let that stop you from making use of the abundant creativity available around this New Moon.

Bernie wrightson - Character Design Page

Horror at its best.


satan by EdwardsChamelks

Anton LaVey, Church of Satan, Occult, Satanism, Ritual

Black Mass of Anton LaVey, Church of Satan, Occult, Satanism, Ritual

Ave Lucifer 666

The goat is freedom from organized religion

Satanic Occult Rituals | And he causeth all, both small andgreat, rich and poor, free and bond ...

Do what you wilt has nothing to do with satanism , it's Thelema Philosophy by Aleister Crowley .