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a hand is holding an orange and yellow glass block against a white background with the shadow of someone's hand on it Decoration, Interior, Home Décor, Design, Light, Design Trends, Mood Board Design, Mood Boards, Colour
Moodboard design trend: frosted materials - coloured resins
three bowls sitting on top of a white shelf Earthenware, Pottery, Pottery Studio, Interieur, Kopi, Crockery, Design Files, Pottery Painting, Plates And Bowls
Hayden Youlley - The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.
an inflatable life preserver floating on top of a swimming pool Alcohol, Graphic Design, Branding Design, Exhibition Design, Packaging Design, Graphic Design Inspiration, Exhibition
Exhibitions - Yale School of Art
a white plate with blue, red and orange trimmings sits on a gray surface Plate, Plates, Side Plates, Plate Design, Dishes, Clare V., Francophile, Dinnerware
clare c
a white box with a red ribbon around it and a round object on top of it Contemporary Art, Conceptual Art, Contemporary Sculpture, Art Gallery, Objects, Conceptual
The rock may seem small but the rectangles need both the rock and the rope to function making it dominant.
a bunch of candles that are sitting in some kind of bowl with flowers on it Wedding, Ideas, Boda, Mariage, Bodas, Wedding Trends, Event
several boxes are stacked on top of each other in an empty room with concrete flooring Land Art, Things Organized Neatly, Awesome Stuff, Unwanted Furniture, House Ideas
Giant Tetris-inspired stacked sculptures made out of everyday objects
a pair of red high heels next to a plastic water bottle on a white surface Instagram, Fashion, Fotos, Rouge, Inspo, Fotografie, Fotografia, Style
a white statue is on display in front of a gray background Pop, Statue, Toys, French Artists, Artisanal Design, Guadalupe, Kintsugi
The Virgin Mary Gets an Unholy Makeover
a white statue with numbers on it's face and hands in the shape of a woman Museums, Virgin Mary, Rita, Madonna, Artsy, Museum, Sanat
In Praise of Pop Culture. Re-Imagined Religious Virgin Mary Statuettes.
a close up of a white circular object with colorful writing on the side and black, yellow, red, and green stripes Typography, Poster Prints, Layout, Graphic Design Posters, Identity Design, Typographic, Wayfinding
Alt. (Visual Reference Only)
a plastic keychain with a palm tree on it and a blue lighter attached to it Accessories, Wines, Key Holder, Lanyard Designs, Key Rings, Novelty, Key
井上陽水の「あのホテル」のカギが手に入ります - スモールグッドシングス - ファッション | SPUR
井上陽水の「あのホテル」のカギが手に入ります - FASHION(ファッション) | SPUR
a green keychain with a metal ring on it's end that says, Packaging, Jewellery, Jewelry, Niko And ...
#Welcome to Explorance!The name and vision are to 'Explore the Excellence' in every modern minimalist logo design! I will craft distinctive artwork with unique characters which will stay in the mind of your customers and transport your message in a powerful way.I have been a brand designer for over 4 years and I have worked on over 5k+ projects on Fiverr.Quality Assurance: If you are seeking and paying for Quality, the gig gives your brand credibility.My process for client satisfaction:A
a white sculpture sitting on top of a blue surface Ceramics, Screen, New Art, Visual
a clear box filled with assorted items on top of a table Pop Up, Signage, Design Inspo, Trash Art, York City
there is a cassette with the words tree music recorded by ludwig berger Editorial, Concept Design, Design Inspiration
Vertical Music tape batch 01–03
an orange ribbon is wrapped around two clear plastic boxes with the words ultra clear on them
Plastic Death
a red bench sitting on top of a cement floor Décor, Red, Color Textures, Decor, Lamb, Cool Furniture
Scrap Poly Console (Red)
Scrap Poly Console (Red)
a man sitting on a bench next to a tree in a park with a metal ring around it Outdoor, Landscape Architecture, Art, Exterior, Architecture, Urban, Bouroullec Design, Griffith Park
Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Design
Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Design
a large metal object sitting on top of a cement ground next to a building with trees in the background Sanya, Aarhus, Arch
ronan & erwan bouroullec install outdoor sitting rings in denmark
four different colored umbrellas hanging from strings on a white background with one orange and the other blue Ferrari, Restaurant Design, Showcase Design, Expo, Design Awards
Shed by Julie Richoz
a white ball with the words damnin first gagosan gallery written on it Hirst, Damien Hirst, Allusion, Cecil, Gagosian Gallery, Design Theory, Post
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an inflatable life preserver hanging on the wall Retro, Company, Chill, Graphic Poster
two toothbrushes sitting next to each other on a table Vintage, Inspirasi, Aesthetic, Brand, Silver, Aesthetic Pictures
Tiffany&Co. x Nike
an electronic device with a black lanyard attached to it's back end on a white surface Perfume, Bijoux, Make Up, Makeup, Maquillaje, Jewelry Design
Metal, Future, Vintage Market, Sake, Deko, Case