Easy on the eye's.... Wish there would of been a part 2 to .."Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid".

{*Legends Paul Newman & Robert Redford, thanks for the Memories RIP*}

Robert Redford, Paul Newman and Newman’s daughter, Melissa, on the set of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" in Mexico ~ 1968 (photo by Lawrence Schiller)

Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Newman’s daughter, Melissa -set of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" Mexico, photo Lawrence Schiller

Cary Grant visits Paul Newman on the set of Winning (1969)

Welcome To Jake's "Who Knew? They Knew Each Other World" A Celebration Of Friendship: Paul Newman, Cary Grant & Joanne Woodward On The Set of "Winning" 1969

Paul Newman--although for a minute there I thought it was Patrick Wilson with facial hair...

Sex idol for all time-Paul Newman

Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman

Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman The Golde Couple♥

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward...power couple

loooooooove Paul Newman & his life long so in love wife Joanne Woodward

porelpiano: Paul Newman + VESPA

Far from a Cafe bike, but I like Paul Newman so let him on with just a scooter. ( I like scooters also.

john-hamilton-old-hollywood-exhibition-ss08.jpg PAUL NEWMAN 1958

Hollywood Cool: Rare Photos of Clint Eastwood, Brigitte Bardot, and More Film Icons

Paul Newman, 1958 Photographié par John R.

Paul Newman & Family

Actor Paul Newman and his wife, actress Joanne Woodward, appear…

Not All White T-shirts are Created Equal - fashion.telegraph.uk

The Hustler, Paul Newman, 1961 Movies Photo - 30 x 41 cm

Paul Newman

A bronzed Newman relaxes in the sun, April By Gene Lesser/Globe Photos.

Steve McQueen, Paul Newman | Back set of The Towering Inferno | 1974 | as Chief Mike O'Hallorhan

Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Back set of 'The Towering Inferno.

Paul Newman …

like gandy newman emanates this uncanny aura that most people simply do not have. I know you said one creates his own luck but it's not true.

Le style Paul Newman 84

The Paul Newman Look

fr vogue-hommes fashion diaporama the-paul-newman-look 22264

Pictures: Actors & animals

Paul Newman -- one of the most handsome men who ever lived! He was a stud well into old age!

'I'm guilty as hell - and I'll carry it with me for ever': Paul Newman's marriage secrets revealed

'I'm guilty as hell - and I'll carry it with me for ever': Paul Newman's marriage secrets revealed

In Pictures: Paul Newman Here is our installment of this very successful feature to "Love Those Classic Movies!