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an old poster with instructions on how to start your family tree
First 4 Steps To Start Your Family Tree
4 tips to point you in the right direction for starting your family tree and beginning your genealogy research journey. #genealogy #familyhistory #ancestors #genealogyresearch #genealogyskills #heritage #familytree #bespokegenealogy
the cover of do you have british rural ancestors? using the records to find your agricultural roots
Find Your English & Welsh Rural Ancestors with Tithe Maps
Do you have British rural ancestors bespoke Genealogy
an old photo with the words 5 sources for finding what you're ancestor looked like
Are You Your Ancestor's Doppelganger? Find Out What Your Ancestor Looked Like
Do you know what your ancestors looked like? Do you know their physical…
the ocean with text that reads are you descended from a passenger on the mayflower?
Are You One of 35 Million Mayflower Descendants? Here's How to Find Out
Many can trace their ancestry back to the Mayflower, can you? These free genealogy sites can help you find the Mayflower passengers in your family tree. #familytree #freegenealogy
an old photo with the caption what did people eat in the 1800s's?
Life in the 1800's in America – Ancestry Blog | News & Updates
What Was Life Like 200 Years Ago?
an info sheet with information about the presidents
Breaking Through the 1870 Brick Wall: The Significance of the Freedmen’s Bureau Records • FamilySearch
From 1865 to 1872, the Freedmen’s Bureau helped tens of thousands of freed slaves build new lives, while documenting nearly every aspect of the post-Civil War experience. As a result, the Freedmen’s Bureau records are among the most valuable sources of information on African American genealogy. #DiscoverFreedmen
the germany map with all its major cities and their corresponding names in english, german, and
German Genealogy Cheat Sheet
People with German heritage make up the largest block of immigrant descendants. You have to know German history and territories in order to understand where and why, and when they left. German Genealogy Cheat Sheet.
the map of germany with all its major cities and their flags on it's borders
I wish I was in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria.....I can't stop hoping one day I will get to visit and see & visit with cousins I've never met.
a black and white poster with the words keep calm and remember your roots
evalbertgr: Remember Your Roots. Reblog if you’re African. Follow
an old newspaper with the words quads written on it's side in black and white
50 Best Genealogy Brick Wall Solutions (Part 2)
50 Best Genealogy Brick Wall Solutions (Part II) -checking old newspaper listings, and other great ideas... when stumped finding your ancestors..
the u s census and its history in three different languages, including one with an image of
Which census was that? - Organize Your Family History
Before the first recorded census there was the 1783 tax record, in some states. Then comes the 1789 tax record, again only in some states. Many of Virginia's early records were burned by the British. A real issue for a genealogist! ;p
the golden rules of genealogy for students to use in their writing and speaking skills
Got genealogy's Golden Rules of Genealogy? Rules are rules, in some cases, & in others, strong suggestions and handy guidelines. Why would you want to spend years coming up with these when here they are?
a computer screen showing the birth certificate for a man who was born to be an american citizen
Some Genealogy Records Have No Names | Ancestry
Some Genealogy Records Have No Names - We get so used to searching for people in our family tree by name, that it might not even occur to us to search for them without a name. Join Crista Cowan as she shares some specific examples of instances when people are not recorded by name. She'll share search tips and tricks so you can find those records. Then, she will show you how those records are still of great genealogical value.
the birth certificate for an unknown child
Copies of Records from |
Copies of Records from| Copies of Records from| With the electronic age, the (Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah) will now be able to scan a copy of a requested document, info from microfilm, book, record, CD, vital record, deed, etc. into digital format (JPG or PDF) and attach to your email address to be sent to you. All of this is free of charge. They do limit just 5 such requests a month per person. #free #familysearch