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a chocolate cone with an apple in it on a white plate and black tablecloth
Un Deliciu inspirat de Razvan Oana Galati food-Cofetarie/Un Deliciu inspirat de Razvan Oana Galati
an empty restaurant with white chairs and lights on the ceiling, in front of a bar
Cofetaria Gordys Timisoara
Gordy’s café & desserts a luat nastere din pasiunea noastra pentru deserturile fine si gustoase. Dorinta de-a crea un loc elegant, primitor, in
three pieces of food on a plate with nuts and chocolate
Cofetaria Mimoza Giroc Timis
Cofetaria Mimoza este renumita, pentru produsele de calitate ce poat fi savurate aici. La baza produselor noastre stau blaturile clasice, cremele fierte de cioc
two ice cream sandwiches with chocolate sauce and almonds on top in a white bowl
Cofetaria Dolce Timisoara
Cofetaria Dolce, avand laborator din 1999 produce o gama larga de produse de patisserie cofetarie folosind numai ingrediente naturale din care am reusit sa ne f
a three tiered wedding cake with pink and white flowers on top sits on a table
Cofetaria Emiliano Timisoara
Cofetaria Emiliano va ofera, din anul 1995, o gama diversificata de produse de cofetarie si de patiserie: torturi torturi pentru nunta torturi pentru botez tort
an image of bread in front of a fire with the words hadas written on it
Hadasa Cofetarie - Patiserie Timisoara food-Cofetarie/Hadasa Cofetarie - Patiserie Timisoara
a store front with a large sign on it's side in black and white
Brutaria Amra Timisoara food-Cofetarie/Brutaria Amra Timisoara
there are many desserts on the table ready to be eaten
Montecatini Timisoara food-Cofetarie/Montecatini Timisoara
three tiered wedding cakes sitting on top of a table next to other desserts
Cofetaria Adi Dia Timisoara food-Cofetarie/Cofetaria Adi Dia Timisoara
bread and other food on a scale in front of a wooden wall, with a candle next to it
Prospero Timisoara food-Cofetarie/Prospero Timisoara
three small desserts are arranged on a black slate platter with strawberries and chocolate
Cofetarie Tonka Delicii Timisoara food-Cofetarie/Cofetarie Tonka Delicii Timisoara
a table topped with lots of different types of cakes
Cofetaria La Naomi Timisoara food-Cofetarie/Cofetaria La Naomi Timisoara
the inside of a restaurant with colorful chairs and tables in front of large open windows
Cofetaria Verona Timisoara food-Cofetarie/Cofetaria Verona Timisoara
a three tiered cake decorated with flowers and beads
Cofetaria Sava Timisoara food-Cofetarie/Cofetaria Sava Timisoara
there are many different types of cakes on the table
Cofetaria Trandafirul Timisoara food-Cofetarie/Cofetaria Trandafirul Timisoara