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a jar filled with lots of green stuff next to a person's face and the caption says, did you know that by adding sage or rosemary to your campfire it can help mosquito
ADD SAGE or ROSEMARY to your campfire to help keep mosquitos and other bugs away: TIP: wrap the herb in some aluminum foil...wet it... poke some holes in the fçíl it will smoke all night. - iFunny
a large body of water surrounded by trees and mountains in the distance with clouds overhead
Bass Lake
Plan Your Bass Lake Vacation. Fishing, Campgrounds, Golf & Activities
the water is calm and clear for us to see in this photo, it looks like there are rocks on the shore
Idyllwild Camping is The Perfect Small-Town Escape from L.A.
Craving the forest and cool air, we took off east from Los Angeles towards Idyllwild, a small artsy village nestled in a high valley in the San Bernardino National Forest. In about an hour and a …