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Frisk And chara
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Frisk and Chara

I really love the UT fanart section, but is anybody else noticing how Frisk and Chara are drawn really feminine, even if though no gender is mentioned? I mean, who am I to judge how people portray them I just wanted to point it out.

I remember when Cassandra and I ran around the fields of our village, until one day she told me that the sunset would look better if we stood on the mountain and looked at the sky. She was right it was beautiful but I was being careless and fell down a hole while Cassandra tried to save me but she was too late.

I remember I used to run through the fields near my town, until a kid dared me to go to Mount Harwood. I regret going up there and I regret taking that dare, but I cannot change the past and I've found that out the hard way.

Chara loves chocolate and killing?

Read cap no se que sentir por ti. from the story chara X frisk (pausada) by Xx_ShadowYuma_xX (Evil Yuma) with 214 reads. narra chara: otra ves m.

Undertale - Frisk and Sans

I knew something was up never trust sans I feel bad for anyone who fangirled/fanboyed and cried when they saw the last part <<< at first I was really sad, then when I saw the last frame I thought "oh. of course he would do that XD"