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Anatomically correct stack of whales. love the concept however they are a bit too dark for my taste. The first and third whales look too similar as well.


Idea: Minimalist Posters Draw a variety of one item with black sharpie (fish, cupcakes, leaves) Add geometric patterns/zentangles to each item Use a single color to paint around them a portion of the scene (ocean, tablecloth, ect)


Herrn Johann Anderson, I.

eloïse renouf

Different ways to draw trees (for Sharpie mugs) 450 for 40 mins if use regualr Sharpie. Not oil base.

Love illustrated trees. One of my favourite things to draw.:

tree varieties illustrated by Toru Fukuda


graphic trees I like how simple they are, nice to remember little simple tree forms.


I heart trees

Moments of *everyday life* #10 - Carnet de printemps

Moments of *everyday life* #10 - Carnet de printemps


flowers, hands, and nature image

Snowy trees

Bird's eye view of a snowy pine forest.