Amazing Minecraft houses.

Collection by Melanie & Alexis Dennis-Kurutas

Melanie & Alexis Dennis-Kurutas
Minecraft-I love this texture pack! Especially the water! Click on the picture for the texture pack download!

Modern House #3 - Menix House Series Minecraft Map

This is the third of my modern house builds. In order to thank you all for the large interest in this beautiful house I decided to update this post!...

Minecraft Furniture - Fireplaces I'm jealous of this.. I suck at making houses on Minecraft... -.-

Minecraft Fireplace Designs - Minecraft Furniture

Minecraft Fireplace Designs and Idea Gallery and Video.

Minecraft interior ----- When I get my own house I think I'll do a minecraft theme..... <<< OH MY GOSH! That's awesome!

I love interior renders

5557 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Minecraft Bunny (minecraftbunnycom) on Pinterest

Minecraft Bunny | Minecraft Bunny | Minecraft design ideas, how to suggestions, awesome minecraft seeds and more..

Red Old Mansion Minecraft building ideas 2

Red Old Mansion

One of the most common but also most fun of builds to make are Mansions! We have shared you many before from luxury to simple (if any Mansion can be called simple lol) Mansions. This time we bring you

Suburban House Project | Minecraft House Design

Suburban House Project - Minecraft House Design

This house is 100% completed, there are outside and inside decoration, you can find a few custom trees. Built in 1.7.4 with flowHD ressource pack.

And then freak out because a creeper just blew a you house and its night time and then all the zombies and skeletons and spiders and MORE creepers are coming after you

10 Best Minecraft Houses of 2014

10 Best Minecraft Houses of 2014 - Gameranx

Want some inspiration for building your home in Minecraft? Here's a selection of the best Minecraft houses we found in 2014.