Michael the Brave was the Prince of Wallachia (1593–1601), of Transylvania (1599–1600), and of Moldavia (1600). He united the three principalities note 1 under a single rule for a short period of time. During his reign, which coincided with the Long War , these three principalities forming the territory of present-day Romania and the Republic of Moldova were ruled for the first time by a single Romanian leader, although the union lasted for less than six months. He is regarded as one of…

Mihai Viteazul // Michael the Brave "We have our own superheroes!

Stefan Cel Mare si Sfant ( 2 Iulie ) / Prince Stephen The Great

Prince Stephen III The Great (c Jul 1504 age Romania by Unknown Artist, father of Princess Elena (Olena-Ilincu) Stepanovna Jan Romania (wife of Grand Prince Ivan The Young Ivanovich Rurik (Ioann Ioannovich-Ivan Molodoy) Feb Mar Russia).

Dacian reenactor in scale armor. • A 2nd century chieftain would wear a bronze Phrygian type helmet,a corselet of iron scale armor,an oval wooden shield with motifs and wield a sword. - en.wikipedia.org

Dacian reenactor in scale armor and looking decidedly wicked.

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