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Heavenly Day Of Commendation And Reward After Glorious Rapture: The “Bema” Or Judgment Seat Of Christ In Heaven. What Is Your Expectation As A Raptured Saint? Bible Lessons For Kids, Bible For Kids, Book Of Life, The Book, What Is Heaven, Jesus Wife, Revelation 16, Heavenly Day, Friends Series


The book is new, the story is old. A past century, mysterious times are here, enclosing my soul and touching my heart. Old scenes, old battles, old people who

Their relationship is very intense. THe romantic loving version we all think of is really for twin souls. Twin flames come together as two mirrors. They are there to reflect back each other´s imperfections. Tantra, Chakras, Spiritual Images, Twin Souls, Taoism, Buddhism, Beautiful Gif, Chakra Healing, Couple Tattoos

Call Your Soul!

Have you ever merged with someone and felt something weird? Weird like you don’t want to stop doing it. It was scary for both… I think. It was almost like we...

Best Surrealism Pictures gallery of digital art. I scan homepages of digital artists all over the world for surrealism pictures (artworks) and publish the best ones on the site. Dawn Pictures, Pictures Images, Fantasy Pictures, Fantasy Images, Character Illustration, Illustration Art, Illustration Pictures, Transformers, Free Animated Wallpaper

Waiting for the End of the World

Today I am wondering about waiting… waiting for the End of the World it somehow possible that aggressive people will survive the End of the World?

Posts about Treasures Hidden in Psalm 91 written by Mary Ellen Wright Claude Barzotti, Crew Team, Mary Oliver, Prophetic Art, Important News, New Earth, Instagram And Snapchat, First Contact, Inner Child

Unlock the Door to Personal Excellence

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. ~Confucius

To meet your twin flame, means to accomplish one of the biggest missions of one& life. That is a cosmic reunion, blasts of emotion, the power of love and mysticism. Twin flames concept is also Frankie Avalon, Beau Gif, Twin Souls, Gifs, 3d Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy Images, My Sun And Stars, Gif Animé

Freedom to Connect

Today, for the first time, I am grateful to the internet inventors and its developers. I never realized until now, what a huge treasure has been given to me.

Mindfulness está para ficar: 20 dicas para equilibrar corpo e mente - Dinheiro Vivo Yoga Ashtanga, Yoga Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Yoga, Calming Music, Relaxing Music, 7 Chakras, Healing Meditation, Meditation Music

ZEN Guide for Busy People

What is Zen? The answer becomes very simple if we instead ask "when" is Zen. Here's why!

Sleep On It! Gene Responsible For Sleep Deprivation and Metabolic Disorders Identified - Neuroscience News Benefits Of Sleep, Sleep Apnea Remedies, Metabolic Disorders, Burn Out, Sleep Quality, Natural Sleep, Hot Flashes, Sleep Deprivation, Feel Tired

The Perfect Tea for Getting Rid of Insomnia

Most people have had to deal with getting rid of insomnia at least once in their lifetime. Let us explore some natural remedies revealed for us.

''Opening the Third Eye is directly related to the chakra; the psychic chakra, located on the middle of the forehead above the brows. It is closely associated with the "pineal" gland. The pineal gland id dormant in most people,as is the true eye. Qigong, Reiki, Third Eye Opening, Mario, Nova Era, Pineal Gland, Astral Projection, Higher Consciousness, Collective Consciousness


One day I read Oprah’s Gratitude Journal. I was impressed… Oprah has written in her gratitude journal for sixteen years every single day… WOW… she is simply

Eye Movement Desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment. EMDR proves that the mind can in fact heal from psychological trauma. EMDR actually combines different elements to maximize treatment effects. Brain Pictures, Writing Goals, Best Brains, Brain Dump, Change Your Mindset, Fixed Mindset, Growth Mindset, Relaxation Techniques, Negative Thinking

Reset Your Mind To Fulfill Your Writing Goals

One of the reasons for which you still haven’t reached your writing goals, is the fact that all of what you’ve learned and heard about publishing your book or about becoming a successful writer, were implemented ideas that are now blocking their fulfillment inside you.

White cat in art. Paintings with gorgeous white cat. Rainbow Bridge Cat, Animals And Pets, Baby Animals, Animal Babies, Creation Photo, Surrealism Painting, Pet Loss, White Cats, Pet Memorials


You have a hidden desire. It is such a deep desire that you don't even feel the need to share it with others. It is yours, it fulfills your soul and you...

“What is happiness? Can we be happy or not?” People define happiness in so many ways. Define Happiness, What Is Happiness, Full House, Mbti, Fiction, Happy, People, Gd, Ser Feliz

What is Happiness?

“What is happiness? Can we find happiness and keep it? Can we be happy or not?” People define happiness in so many ways. According with the epoch that they live

Trademark Art 'Old Tree Reading Story Book' Graphic Art Print on Wrapped Canvas Size: Reading Story Books, Reading Tree, Reading Nook, Book Wrap, Fantasy Posters, Fantasy Artwork, Writing Contests, Fantasy Forest, Book Posters

M.C. Simon Writes

You can read these lines only because there is enough contrast between the letters and the background ~ M.C. Simon

Secret to weight loss is taking small baby steps. 'How To Lose Weight Effortlessly' is a free ebook full of helpful tips for fat loss. Lose Weight, Weight Loss, Small Baby, Baby Steps, Gd, Free Ebooks, Helpful Hints, Useful Tips, Losing Weight

Small Steps To Weight Loss

Secret to weight loss is taking small baby steps. 'How To Lose Weight Effortlessly' is a free ebook full of helpful tips for fat loss.

Music is light. music is fire. music is energy. music is life cello cello CELLO, Sound Of Music, Kinds Of Music, Music Is Life, My Music, Hippie Music, Soul Music, Passion Music, Cello Music, Music Class

Music That Heals Your Soul - Dracula's blood

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life.

 In that dark and silent night I saw a door. The door seemed to ask me to open it. Silent Night, 5 Year Olds, Future, Gd, Artwork, Happiness, Painting, Future Tense, Work Of Art


Everything started with a dream. I was 4 or 5 years old. In that dark and silent night I saw a door. The door seemed to ask me to open it. No lock, no key…

I’ve got a special author interview today! Simon is talking about a book that can benefit all writers: FENG SHUI FOR WRITERS Gd, Feng Shui, Improve Yourself, Writer, Interview, Author, Books, Life, Libros

Feng Shui For Writers / M.C. Simon Author Interview

I’ve got a special author interview today! M.C. Simon is talking about a book that can benefit all writers: FENG SHUI FOR WRITERS