“What is happiness? Can we find happiness and keep it?” People define happiness in so many ways.

December, – let me start with some events that took place on this special day then afterwards I will explain what made me want to reveal the biggest secret.

I was 4 or 5 years old. In that dark and silent night I saw a door. The door seemed to ask me to open it.

My grandpa started walking 4 miles each day when he turned Today he’s.

The word energy came into my mind today. These times we are living in, there are many people who know how to play with the energy around them or around others.

In the middle of the night… A drunken man walks on the street, staggering and singing. A police officer sees him and stops him.

“Focus on my voice. Do not listen to the others. They don’t exist.” I am wondering… if we directly focus… do the rest of the sounds, actions & feelings

articles/French art organisations respond to the Charlie Hebdo attacks

December… one of the most beautiful months of the year. 17 years ago… I remember that day… December, One night before, I was happy because I finished an

You and just you decide when you start the changes in your life. Have a happy life! One day or day one.

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