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These Are The Largest Glass Pivoting Doors In The World

Sculp IT Architects - The world’s largest pivoting window metres wide by 6 metres high) Antwerp, Belgium. The entire townhouse's rear has been removed and replaced by an immense pivoting door.

© Luc Roymans

Love the big open window windows into the garden (but realise I dont have the funds to cover a zillion dollars in glass) © Luc Roymans

vintage car collection

Designer Steve Hermann recently completed the Glass Pavilion house in Montecito, California, a modern concrete-and-glass homage to the Farnsworth House of


The Glass Pavilion, Santa Barbara. 1300 square m / 14000 sq ft, by anyones definition of a private home , is big. The designer had the good sense to provide undercroft parking for a staggering 32 cars. Even I would be satisfied with that!