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I guess your ass must have been stretched to the limit Dirty Burger. Can't even do that right. Baahaaaa

This reminds me of HARDENED criminals being gang raped while drop their soap in the prisons communal shower, ( they face a LONG STRETCH INSIDE ! ) ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ( all participants end up in the shit !

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pinterest โ˜ž qveendaiisy

Literally Just 33 Truly Awful Puns

Literally Just 33 Truly Awful Puns(Step Quotes Bad)

Love this so much

52 funnt things to ask siri. 0 divided by 0 is funny too

A little dry humor for your day. I may or may not be crying from laughing so much

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Funny Pun. Not all are appropriate for children, but most would be great for a lesson teaching puns

Not even a pickup line buts funny

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Accidentally close a Word file without saving? No autosave either?asd into file explorer under "my/this pc".

What are your most common feelings? Mine are Monachopsis and Onism

monachopsis nodus tollens liberosis lachesism exulansis rubatosis mauerbauertraurigkeit jouska things i feel quire often which is weird // jf

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