Retete de Valentine's Day

12 Pins
pink macaroons with red rose petals on black background and reflected in the water
Macarons cu aromă de trandafir
a close up of a cake with raspberries on it
Cheesecake Vegan sau de Post cu Zmeura & Trandafir
a red bag filled with lots of different types of cupcakes
Trufe de Ciocolata – 3 variante
a pie with strawberries on top is sitting on a black surface and has sprinkles all over it
Tarta Creme Brulee cu Capsuni si Trandafir
some lollipops are in a glass vase on a red place mat and black background
Trandafiri din Bezea
an apple tart with pink and yellow flowers on it
Tarta cu Trandafiri din Mere
a box filled with lots of white flowers on top of purple tissue paper in it
Zefir cu Aroma de Capsuni si Trandafiri
a blue plate topped with a cupcake covered in powdered sugar and blackberries
Sufleu de Fructe de Padure
pink macaroons and raspberries on a black surface with reflections in the dark
Macarons cu Zmeura & Ciocolata (fara termometru)
chocolate cake with raspberries and powdered sugar
Lava Cake / Vulcan de Ciocolata
a pile of red velvet cookies covered in powdered sugar
Biscuiti Crapati ‘Red Velvet’ de Valentine’s Day
a red and white heart shaped object sitting on top of a black surface with silver studs
Tort ‘Inima’ cu Mousse de Capsune si Trandafir