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Venus Tmnt by GBlastMan

My take on the always lovely Venus from the always shell cool TMNT, i was more mixing my own version of ninjas and more like a mix between the 90 ones a.

Neko Ninja!!! I kinda did this comic page out of the blue. I was working on something else that wasn't turning out so I just drew this instead. The top panel was supposed to be more dramatic, ...

I feel like that if they had another mutant turtle on the show, they should name her Venus, she should be the turtles mother, and she should look like this.

Break Dancing by CutieClovers on DeviantArt

Break Dancing by CutieClovers on DeviantArt>> man,Donnie is so fabulous in that pose!

Babby's first tattoo by MsObscure on DeviantArt

Came up with my own AU and I& not sure if I didn& dig myself a grave with this but screw it! I always liked post-apocalyptic scenarios, landscapes, wo.

TMNT Central!

TMNT Central!