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technically 13 because of kindergarten, but this is still cool.

First of all, there are 13 years of school including kindergarten. Second, you didn't do 12 years in high school unless you're a complete idiot. This doesn't deserve to be pinned in my H Potter board!

Tikki vs. Plagg, oh my gods XD

What will happen when her class finds out who Ladybug and Cat Noir are? I do not own Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Monica Ivan and some other char.

Life Hacks 2.0

Life Hacks secret ways to manipulate your peers and fit into society. geeks need this. Number must remember that! I wonder if number 7 works for shopping malls as well?

I've read Lamb To The Slaughter it was great because it was like a play and I got to be the wife lol -yo I'm not a murderer I swear-tengotodo