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the faces of two people with bananas on their heads and one woman's face behind them
Viorica Dancila la cumparaturi
Comedy, Rules, Words, Messages, Risk
two pictures with one woman talking to the other and another man sitting at a desk
Urasc interviurile. Toate sunt gen: De ce ar trebui sa te angajam?
a speech bubble with the words care fluvu e mai lung pritu su mississippipi
a woman pushing a baby in a shopping cart on the street with another woman nearby
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a table next to a can of soda
Red Bull in cafea :))
two different pictures with the same caption in spanish and english, one has pink flowers on it
Contact Support
two people riding bikes down a muddy road next to another person laying on the ground
a speech bubble with the words do i tipi la incissoare?
batman meme with caption that reads,'el sunt batman si sut beat man
two people sitting in chairs talking to each other with the caption'crezi ca sunto mama rea alex? nume meu este lout
two text messages are shown with the same person's face on one side and the other
Cand n-ai ce face
a speech bubble with an emoticive message on it that says, cemi place and dorm si intra cineva peste mime si
the words are written in black on a green background