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If only the Philly SEPTA subway looked like this, my rides to Webster would have been much more picturesque. But I think they were pretty damn perfect in themselves, with you on the phone :)

Gustavo-Minas-1.jpg (1100×733)

Photograph submitted by Gustavo Minas on July 2014

Gustavo-Minas-2.jpg (900×601)

A typical brazilian delight of street photography with magnanimous play of light and shadows inscribed with sceptical colors all over the frame.

Gustavo-Minas-5.jpg (1100×733)

Gustavo-Minas-5.jpg (1100×733)

Gustavo-Minas-4.jpg (1100×728)

Girl in the Mirror by Gustavo Minas - photography

gustavo_minas_cover.jpg (800×530)

gustavo_minas_cover.jpg (800×530)

gustavo_01.jpg (960×640)

Photograph submitted by Gustavo Minas on August 2014