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a paper plate with an image of a polar bear on it and leaves around it
paper plate crafts – Page 2 – storytime katie
Hibernating Bear Wreath
the process for making frozen paints with blue and green colors is shown in two pictures
a tray that has some kind of thing on it with writing on it and other things around it
Stick Man! 🌳
a young boy is playing with a snowman made out of an ice cream container
Winter STEM- Build A Snowflake Tinker Tray
a table topped with lots of different types of snowflakes
Weekly Round-Up: January 19
a board game with buttons and snowflakes on it
Christmas Tray Play and Activity Ideas
there is a display with polar animals on the table and in front of it are posters
Polar Animals Dramatic Play Center (Pretend Play)
the cover of an article about arctic animals and science for preschoolers, with photos of children
Arctic Animal Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers
there are many polar bears and other animals on the ice floese in the water
Ice Play
Fake Snow Sensory Bin